Mum's Pilsner

Mum's Pilsner

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Not because it’s bitter, but because just like the invincible Pilsner, Ma started it all.

While it sounds Boneheaded, we aren’t ones for rules. However, we do think the perfect balance of Pilsner malt and Saaz hops is what a pilsner is about.

So, this is a nod to the invincible amongst us, those who don’t waver in times test. You know who you are and we’re thankful for what you’re about.

Oh, and Ma thanks for the barrels.

  • Smells – Lemon, cut grass and a toffee.
  • Tastes – Crisp bitterness balanced with a toasted toffee malt. Lingering spice finish.

5.0% ABV

Can size 375ml


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