Liquor Licence# 32808187

Sweet Pea - Melbourne Dark Lager

Sweet Pea - Melbourne Dark Lager

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Munich, Czech, Schwarzbier, whatever. Meet Sweet Pea, we’re calling her a Melbourne Dark Lager. She’s perfect for 4 seasons in an afternoon,and our reminder not to judge a book by its cover.

At first glance this Bonehead appears dark and a little full on, but surprisingly she’s downright affectionate. Honestly, if this beer could hug you it would, then lick you on the nose and run off with your favourite thongs.

Sound crazy, wait until you try it…

  • Smells – Malty toasted brown bread with coffee bean and dark chocolate.
  • Tastes – Sweet natural cola, bitter chocolate and coffee. Lingering finish.

4.8% ABV

Can size 375ml


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