Hulk Smash IPA

Hulk Smash IPA

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Smells like pop culture.

We've all had those "down the rabbit hole" moments, a memory triggered by a song on a radio, a line from a movie or a "retro" fashion movement. Our Smells Like Pop Culture series is the final destination of fun little trip down memory lane, through the puns and out the other side with a beer inspired those sometimes-forgotten cult phenomenon.


What better way to kick off a series – A Single Hop And Single Malt (S.M.A.S.H) IPA. When we think Smash we think Hulk and that's how our Smells Like Pop Culture works – Simple?

No, not really. We start with American Ale malt, step mashed to promote mouthfeel and breadth of (pun intended) malt, then add Idaho Gem in the kettle, whirlpool and dry hop to bring some complexity to the hop character. All that with only 1 hop and 1 malt.


    6.0% ABV

    Can size 375ml


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