Fat Dog Märzen - Maple Märzen

Fat Dog Märzen - Maple Märzen

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The malty goodness of Märzen. This fat Bonehead is bringing lagers back, with a twist.

About 400 years after, Ze Bavarians brewed this malty summer swiller, we asked ourselves – Could malt work with maple?

Named after our original brew-hand, This Bonehead shows what it means to be comfortable in our skin and make our mark. So, do what you wanna do, be what you wanna be, woof!

  • Smells - Malt, toffee and nutty maple.
  • Tastes - Sweet toffee and maple, subtle lingering bitterness.
  • Food - This fat dog digs pork belly and crispy ribs.

5.5% ABV

Can size 375ml


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