Distraction Ale - 2019 Vintage

Distraction Ale - 2019 Vintage

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At Bonehead, we're a little more Punk than Monk. We'd take a mosh pit over a monastery any day.

With that in mind we offer you Distraction, Inspired by the Trappist greats, then dragged through Nirvana in a Bourbon barrel.

So rain your glass and welcome life's distractions.

  • Smells - Bourbon, Fig, Vanilla and oak.
  • Tastes - Burnt fig, spice and vanilla with hints of oak and bourbon. This continues through the palate opening up with a silky mouthfeel and lingering heat.
  • This is one to be consumed close to room temperature, and perfect for ageing.

    11% ABV

    Can size 375ml


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