Shinboner Stout - Saltbush & Peppercorn Stout

Shinboner Stout - Saltbush & Peppercorn Stout

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It would have been a hard smelly, slog around our brewery back in the day; it would have taken a stout constitution.

The hard-working Boneheads that traipsed the streets of the little inner northwest hood surrounding our brewery were Shinboners at the local abattoir, a gig by today’s standards that is almost unimaginable.

This Stout is our humble tribute to the hard-working men and women that and shaped our little slice of Melbourne long before we did -

Remember your roots Bonehead.

  • Smells – Chocolate with a hint of white pepper. Slightly herbal.


    Tastes – Subtle salt opening to a deep chocolate finishing with a hint of spice.

4.5% ABV

Can size 375ml


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