Half Wit Hero - Belgian Witbier

Half Wit Hero - Belgian Witbier

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A Half Wit is in search of a life less ordinary, it leads him to do some pretty crazy things. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it’s just “an education”.

A hero, we’re told is admired for their courage.

I’ll let the educated draw the connection, but we believe it’s better to be stumbling forward than standing still.

So, that’s how this one came about.

“Think this’ll work?”  

“Doubt it”      


  • Smells - Aromatic lemon, orange, chamomile combines to juicy fruit.
  • Tastes - Sweet, citrus zest with no bitterness.
  • Food - This absurdly refreshing Half Wit Hero is all about heat and spice.

4.3% ABV

Can size 375ml


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